Now you can see your “new you” in virtual 3D prior to your procedure!

Crisalix 3D Simulation

Unsure of the difference between 300cc and 400cc? Want a natural result? Wondering how you could look after surgery? Want to look like a specific celebrity? Now at NAPSG, you can see your “new you” before you undergo the procedure with 3D imaging technology provided by Crisalix. This leading 3D plastic surgery application allows you to simulate yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are enhancing your natural beauty or facing reconstruction following illness or previous surgery, our world-class board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kamran Abolmaali, is dedicated to helping reach your goal.

Use the unique Crisalix 3D solution to answer that essential question: How might I look after the procedure? Now Dr. Abolmaali can help you see your “new you” in 3D!

Upload your photos

Take 3 pictures of your face or body with a mobile phone or camera, or ask a friend to do so. Then securely upload them to your Crisalix account.

Simulate and see the potential result of your desired surgery

Sign in and visualize your face or body in 3D for free. You can have access to the most advanced features to simulate all sorts of procedures for your face, breasts or body.

Get advice and support from real people

Get feedback from your friends or family to support you in your decision-making. You can also share your simulation anonymously on the only 3D community where fellow patients can advise you.





Am I a good candidate for virtual reality simulation?

Anyone considering plastic surgery or a cosmetic procedure is a good candidate for virtual reality simulation. Crisalix 3D technology can simulate breast augmentations, breast reductions, breast lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, mommy makeovers, and more. Are you wondering about cup sizes, volumes, and shapes for breast augmentation? Wondering how your stomach might look after your tummy tuck? Would you like to see the “new you” before undergoing the surgery? These are common questions for anyone opting to undergo a cosmetic procedure, and they can all be answered with Crisalix. Together with Dr. Abolmaali, we will help create your ideal procedure plan.

What are the benefits of using 3D imaging?

With this innovative technology, you can capture your images fro the comfort of your own home and then upload your personalized image captures into the advanced Crisalix imaging software, which will then instantly create a 3D image of you. From there, Dr. Abolmaali can further program the Crisalix software with the specifics of your procedure, and show you the results with your very own 3D model. Together with Dr. Abolmaali, you can make adjustments, modify sizing, and develop a truly customized procedure plan based on your unique wishes and desires. After, you’ll go into your procedure with complete confidence and peace of mind, knowing in advance what your results will look like.

Why should I choose to use Crisalix Virtual Reality Simulation?

Crisalix is a great way for you to try on your new look and get a better picture of desired results after your procedure. It’s also a great way for you to work with Dr. Abolmaali to make sure that he understands your needs, goals, and wishes. Seeing the “new you” before the procedure helps in the formulation of a precise surgical plan that matches your wishes and allows you to enter into your procedure with tremendous confidence. Ultimately, there is no substitute for surgical precision, skill, and commitment to aesthetic excellence, which is why so many patients choose Dr. Abolmaali. Now, by using Crisalix 3D Imaging Technology, you will be freed from second-guessing your decision or worrying about what you will look like after surgery.


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